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30-day free trial


Main Features

  • The first platform to synchronously consolidate multiple livestreams.

    HandsUP enables the simultaneous management of profitable livestreams across multiple platforms, including Facebook, LINE, Instagram, etc. Avoiding the hassle of switching between broadcasts.

  • Purchase orders are automatically created with each "+1" comment

    At HandsUP we are as committed to helping merchantss sell easily as we are in creating a smooth shopping experience for your fans. Merchandise is instantaneously ordered by leaving a "+1" comment or clicking on product keywords. This kind of seamless shopping experience translates to better sales for you!

  • The first livestream platform in Taiwan that matches brands with influencers.

    First platform on the livestream market to offer influencer matchmaking tools. Merchants can increase their customer base by utilizing our network of influencers and assign a case to them with a simple 2-step process. You are free to set the percentage of profit you would like to pass to the influencer. All you need is a product and you can livestream.

  • Comprehensive livestreaming sales data analytics

    When your livestream is finished, our system will compile an analytics report that includes information on your top selling products, Facebook streaming data, key customer segments, customer order analysis and order rankings.

  • All you need is a mobile phone and you can start streaming.

    Download the exclusive App to livestream from wherever you are. Choose any streaming platform you like and speed up your sales with our powerful data integrated system.

Features Overview

  • NEW

    Influencer Matchmaking and Authorization

    It only takes a simple 2-step process to match with an influencer. You are free to set the percentage of profits you would like to pass on to the influencer.

  • NEW

    Your Personal Exclusive Store

    Control both your livestreams and store from the same place, increase the visibility of your products and boost sales.

  • Leave a "+1" Comment to Automatically Create an Order

    Automatic order creation avoids the need for extra manpower and reduces the risk of losing the order, saving you both time and money.

  • Simultaneously Sell Through Different Platforms

    No matter whether your fanbase is on LINE, Facebook or elsewhere, livestream to them all at the same time. Order management and sales analytics are all consolidated on our backend.

  • Integration of Logistics and Payments

    Numerous delivery and payment options supported, including: credit cards, virtual accounts, pick up and payment at convenience stores, sending goods from convenience store to convenience store and home delivery.

  • Complete Merchandise Management System

    We offer a simple 3-step process for listing items and inventory management is similarly simple.

  • Livestream Data Analytics

    We help you to optimize your livestream broadcast by providing interactive data and analysis of both your buyers and merchandise.

  • Versatile Marketing Modules

    Increase the popularity of your store through use of interactive marketing tools such as auctions, prize draws and live marquee.

We are recommended by high-profile merchants

  • Mr Crocodile

    Sales from livestreaming contribute a lot to my income. HandsUP have simplified the process of selling through livestreaming and helped me to avoid of the friction points that had been hampering past experiences

    —Mr Crocodile

    HandsUP helped us open up new sales channels and increase both conversion rates and average order values. We were also able to reach a younger consumer base and run limited-time promotions. With just a limited number of products on the livestream, we generated significant profits.

  • Tatung

    We used HandsUP livestreaming to warm up for our annual new product sales events in physical stores. This gave fans in relatively remote areas a chance to participate in the event and get their hands on our newest products

  • Youshow

    HandsUP have lowered the barriers to getting started livestreaming. They have really simplified the inventory managment process by automatically deducting stock levels and we have noticed overall sales growth of 10%!

  • Prodigal Goddess

    HandsUP is absolutely the best livstreaming system we have ever used. Automated purchase orders mean consumers can make an order just by clicking on a product label

    —Prodigal Goddess

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